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saving draft

there is no real reason not to place a framed self-portrait in your toilet. it should be something realistic – not too abstract. when guests use your toilet they will see the portrait. they will think about you and think about the way you see yourself. then, they will wonder why you have placed this [...]

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these things i shall be at very soon… tonight: NSW poetry slam state final. who knows how this one will go. slammin has not been my thing until recently. i expect to have a good time, as long as i don’t start feeling any ‘seriousness’ tuesday 17th: Robyn Davidson / Delia Falconer / Robert Adamson launch [...]

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get back to where you once belonged

Last weekend Paul Comrie-Thomson’s article ‘on old-fashioned reading’ featured in The Weekend Australian’s Review section. It’s not entirely necessary to be suspicious every time someone advocates a return to values or habits now considered ‘old-fashioned’; it is problematic to think every new advance will be for the best. But in this case I am suspicious [...]

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