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Monthly Archive for April, 2006

north of the border

brisbane u rland of men lying down& the rollercoaster of roadsheltering complexes – big &small, millionaires, trees for a day yeah living amongst a high universespotting possums is where the vibe is atpre-colonial palm fronds swaying likea vaudeville show / the best of possiblemoments glimpsed me through someopened window & i blasted it with a [...]

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how do i place myself. what am i. are ya. who am i. why do i write. how does one write about this. what is the point. what is practice. what is a question unmarked. as so. 3 sleeps to wedding & that will be cool – just thinking, the language of it all is [...]

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another untitle

another untitlesaw the young achiever of the year a super-market stealing asparagus& tampons her heart wason her sleeve plaid deedsburied somewhere deeper reasons for italicspoking fun at obscure pronunciation killing & coincidence, now method a betrayal of tandem loveproducts / getting fundeda plumber’s pipe dreamu think hard maybe she istristessa of trade foiledthat ‘05 gig [...]

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