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Monthly Archive for May, 2006

after the fact

after being lost for words for a second the kid tells the careers counsellorhe wants to be a careers counsellor& then all is welli was never any kid(as well i never cared much for poetrybut i have mastered it neverthelessjust to show you it can be done)for examplethe final touch made on any workis to [...]

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anonymous or otherwisemean the network spreadsvast&irony is always used poorly out therei’m over it myself (spluttering)there is much more to sayi can’t think ofif only i knew Frenchthat would rock likethe plaintive tonesof a mansinging falsettoabout love

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Establishing a presenceOff trawling the sub-space of literary blogslooking for a mind capable & a connection that can keep up but shit today they all seem to force some clever claim on the world – a right space & opinion, its almost as queeras yoga for dummies & my fascination with high meets low culture. [...]

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look there is no wayto research being ‘editor’cos ppl just accept the role& think about something else& go & make a coffeesusan told me she thinksit takes writers 5 or 6 yearsto lose the university tone(ideas etc. to complexfor a normal reader)also that it might doto think about why Iuse lower case ii said i [...]

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