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Monthly Archive for October, 2009

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  got my copies today. my poem seems to read better by simply being in a book. it did look weird in its original incaration, crammed into a little box in the arts page of The Age. the poems are in alphabetical order, mine appearing just before les murrays. i haven’t read the book yet, [...]

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up front!

I sat in the shed (where – unbeknownst to me at this point – I would end up sleeping for two weeks when we were evicted from a shared house (for owning a dog)). The ruse is always music rehearsal. Instead, musicians gather to smoke bongs. This was happening within a circle. The circle was [...]

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tInA reflectioNs

they’re up now, on cordite.  if i’d blogged it here, i would have been far more flippant, employed more brevity, & either increased or decreased the amount of times i say ‘i had a beer’. i would have been far more or less, more, or less, in general.

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one who fights against

my reading of blogs has been constrained as i make a final attack on the thesis, so i’m possibly a little late in reading the full discussion on lyric poetry, & many other arising issues, that was originally on pam brown’s blog, but is now hosted on its own site. i won’t volunteer anything on [...]

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showing off, oblique

this is the final online venue for announcing my latest career move. ASA & Ozco have granted me money to write. i am now an emerging writer. so for the first half of 2010 i shall be writing, which i would have done anyway, but i will have money for food, beer, childcare etc… there [...]

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castle of youth

i can’t travel. i keep waking in the middle of the night, thinking i’m elsewhere, making movements to remedy the situation, to hop out of bed & locate myself in an alien landscape. i can’t sit still on trains because a huge tongan bloke on the way to the footy will always get on & [...]

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