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Monthly Archive for June, 2010


okay, i’ll be reading some poetry at The Republic in North Hobart, this Sunday at 3pm. it’s my first trip down from the mainland, & it should be all kinds of awesome. here’s the program: July Republic The  4th July Republic Readings will feature two poets from the mainland: Derek Motion and Ross Donlon, and Tasmanian [...]

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close reading: forest hill

This is surely a bad idea. But Southerly recently (the most recent issue? The website is unclear on this…) featured a part of John Tranter’s Doctoral thesis. In it, Tranter critiques his own work, and so I read his critique, perhaps thinking ‘ah, I can use this…’ And I remember this opinion: I think to [...]

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my poem forest hill is now up for online reading… i am currently reviewing the poem. exhaustively. the review will appear on this blog soon.

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scan ahead

damn her impenetrable thoughts. matronly, ambling across the 60-zoned thoroughfare.

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Start with an image, one of such quality that if it came rendered as a photograph you would blow it up and frame and hang on your wall. A close up of a autumn leaf mid red-to- gold for instance, the veiny spindles of focus contrasting so well with the more blurred circles of green in the [...]

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