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Monthly Archive for March, 2012

six dock

epic: those manicured plazas a hurried & etched blot where design is accidental unless observed in threes,   like girls hit with hard air. ha. ah.   after central the road assembles. an underrated dispersal of moss, the creep, gesturing forwards & under your mind-set always moulded by a stop.   smallpox killed an estimated [...]

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while / there

i went on the train to Lithgow i regret not looking beyond the CBD i desperately wanted to get OPI Zom-body to Love & stayed at The Rock / i was sitting there i took the chance to check out spend some time organising our warehouse i was introduced to a friend visited with the [...]

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port wine

I remember reading somewhere (such vagueness more & more common these days I think – I followed some link, read this article, somewhere, I forget when…) that there is a limited number of possible geometric tiling patters. Could it be the same with wallpaper? I don’t have wallpaper, but I do have some drapes. They [...]

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