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Monthly Archive for August, 2012

Neil Armstrong was a good looking man who liked to fly planes. He was a highly educated man too, one of the first in his family to be able to describe himself as such, despite not ever being seen as much of an intellectual, despite being a man who could have been and was described [...]

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saving draft

there is no real reason not to place a framed self-portrait in your toilet. it should be something realistic – not too abstract. when guests use your toilet they will see the portrait. they will think about you and think about the way you see yourself. then, they will wonder why you have placed this [...]

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thought not

so hard at 5.30 she said, heedless from the other side it was a noisy plateau branches swept astray & strewn aside by coffee scented fingertips i felt all of this / mind you these forays brief as a frozen foods aisle recount men bustle, former ambassadors when the seasons align, when we all rode [...]

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